UnKibble Vs Maev Raw Dog Food: What’s The Difference?

UnKibble Vs Maev Raw Dog Food

Last Updated on June 17, 2024 by Kieran Beckles

Are you ready to make a change to your dog’s diet but you can’t decide between UnKibble by Spot & Tango and Maev’s raw dog food?

There’s no shortage of potential fresh food options for pet owners who are ready to ditch traditional kibble, canned dog food or wet food in favour of a new approach to their dog’s nutrition to promote a healthy lifestyle for their pet.

Maev Vs UnKibble
Maev Vs UnKibble (Photo: Life With Klee Kai)

We’ve been on a journey to find the best dog food for Copper and Skye since we returned to the USA in 2023.

In this review, we’re going to be taking a look at UnKibble and Maev to highlight the differences between these two dog food delivery services, examining their fresh recipes, cooking methods, subscription services and price.

Maev Or UnKibble: What's The Difference?
Maev Or UnKibble: What’s The Difference? (Photo: Life With Klee Kai)

We’ll also be sharing our verdict on these two dog food subscription services based upon my experience as a dog owner feeding the human grade dog food to Copper and Skye, as well as sharing which of these two brands my Alaskan Klee Kai preferred.

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Who Are UnKibble?

UnKibble is fresh dry dog food created by experienced dog food brand Spot & Tango. While they were initially known for their fresh frozen meals, Spot & Tango launched their UnKibble range in 2021.

They hoped to provide pet owners who wanted to ditch the unhealthy dry dog food found at local pet stores and supermarkets in favour of a fresh approach for their pet’s nutrition.

UnKibble is human grade dog food using fresh ingredients that’s fit for human consumption such as USDA-approved meat and natural ingredients to create fresh dog food.

Spot & Tango have used limited-ingredient fresh recipes so they’ve got clear, easy-to-read labels containing ingredients that dog owners will recognise.

UnKibble is formulated by a veterinary nutritionist to make sure their dry dog good is balanced and complete to meet the nutritional needs of dogs.

Like most dog food delivery services, UnKibble offer tailored fresh dog food.

Dog owners will need to complete UnKibble’s sign-up questionnaire so they can offer a suggested meal plan and create a customized scooper to get the portions right for your dog.

At the time of writing, UnKibble offer three recipes – a beef recipe, a chicken recipe, a turkey recipe and a salmon recipe. You can pick and choose which fresh food diet best suits your pup.

Once you’ve complete the sign-up process, UnKibble provide a delivery service so your dog food will be shipped direct to your door.

Our Verdict On UnKibble

I wouldn’t typically feed dry dog food to Copper and Skye but I was drawn to UnKibble because I liked their limited-ingredient recipes and customized scooper.

UnKibble is shelf stable dog food that can be stored in your cupboard or cool, dry place rather than requiring space in your fridge or freezer like fresh food meals.

As someone who has typically fed fresh pet food meals to Copper and Skye, I appreciated the freedom to store UnKibble in the cupboard rather than taking up vital freezer space.

From a dog owner’s perspective, UnKibble did a good job at helping with the transition process and providing ample information about their food.

I liked that their fresh dog food requires very little effort on the part of the dog owner – I just had to scoop UnKibble out of the bag and serve direct to my Klee Kai.

Copper and UnKibble (Photo: lifewithkleekai)
Copper and UnKibble (Photo: lifewithkleekai)

The human grade ingredients are clearly displayed on the front of the bag so there’s not doubt that your dog is eating fresh food rather than traditional kibble containing additives and preservatives.

Copper and Skye enjoyed their UnKibble and the beef recipe was a particular hit with my Klee Kai. However, I wouldn’t say it was the best dog food delivery based upon their reaction.

While Copper tends to be food motivated at mealtime, Skye is more picky. After a few weeks, Skye showed less interest despite varying the recipes. She’s a fussy eater so this didn’t come as a surprise.

UnKibble is competitively priced and cheaper than fresh dog food meals – I paid $34.64 per week or $138.56 per month to feed their fresh dog food to my Alaskan Klee Kai.

Who Are Maev?

A bag of Maev raw dog food (Photo: lifewithkleekai)

Maev provide dog owners with the opportunity to feed a raw diet to their dogs in a much more convenient way than traditional raw food for dogs.

They’ve created a fresh dog food range comprised of frozen raw meals formulated by a veterinary nutritionist to improve your dog’s health if they’ve been eating unhealthy dry dog food or wet dog food.

Maev write online that their dog food is 100% USDA-certified, vet-formulated, AAFCO-compliant, made in the USA and adheres to world-class food safety standards.

To get started with Maev, you can complete their sign-up questionnaire (which isn’t the easiest to find – you can use the help section to navigate to the quiz) or you can head to the shop section and make your selections.

At the time of writing, Maev offer a beef recipe, a chicken recipe or a variety pack. It’s important to note Maev only use human grade ingredients in their recipes and you won’t find any artificial flavors, nasties or preservatives.

Maev (Photo: lifewithkleekai)

Maev have different recipe formulations to cater to dogs with specific health conditions – Weight & Digestion, Anxiety & Calming, Skin & Coat and Hip & Joint.

You can also buy their bone broth and supplement bars separately or bundle them together with the raw dog food.

While Maev’s meals do need to be stored in your freezer, the dog food delivery company explain that dog owners don’t need to thaw their meals before serving to their dog.

By serving frozen raw meals, fast eaters will be encouraged to take their time and your dog’s dental health will also be boosted.

Our Verdict On Maev

In my search for the best dog food delivery company, I’ve tried a lot of fresh dog food meals, customized dry dog food but I’ve typically steered clear of raw dog food.

However, Maev appealed to me because their frozen raw meals are hassle-free and more convenient than feeding traditional raw food to Copper and Skye.

I like that I don’t have to handle raw meat and I don’t have defrosted raw dog food making a mess in my fridge. The Maev bag stays in the freezer and I can serve their meat meals direct to my Klee Kai.

When I got my hands on Maev, I was impressed with the human grade ingredients in their recipes – I could clearly see human food such as green beans, blueberries and chunks of meat.

I was really surprised to see how much Copper and Skye enjoyed their frozen meals. Skye devoured every Maev meal and showed a lot of mealtime excitement which is unlike her.

We’ve been feeding Maev alongside another fresh dog food delivery company and Skye continues to polish off every bowl placed in front of her. So Maev passed the taste test and the test of time!

Copper is a fast eater but he had to take his time with Maev’s raw food, which I really liked.

I noticed Maev appeared to be good for a dog’s digestive system – Copper and Skye had firm stools and more regular bowel movements while eating this premium dog food.

With regards to price, Maev is competitively priced. I pay $152 every month for Copper and Skye’s meals which I consider to be very reasonable.

UnKibble Vs Maev: Who Do We Recommend?

Maev and UnKibble dog food bags
Maev and UnKibble dog food bags (Photo: Life With Klee Kai)

We’ve reached the key part of our comparison article – who do we recommend?

Well, I’d pick Maev over UnKibble based upon my experience feeding both of these fresh dog food companies to my Alaskan Klee Kai.

Copper and Skye loved eating Maev’s raw food once I introduced their pet food to their diet.

Inside Maev and UnKibble
Inside Maev and UnKibble (Photo: Life With Klee Kai)

It was clear Maev was premium dog food based upon the human grade food in the bag which provided vibrant colors to Copper and Skye’s meals.

I felt peace of mind reading the dog food ingredients and knowing that Copper and Skye were eating fresh dog food formulated by experts.

Unlike a lot of fresh dog food delivery companies, Maev had specific formulations for health conditions. We opted to try the Anxiety & Calming formulation and it did appear to make Copper more calm once he’d been eating their food for a month or so.

Maev and UnKibble in the dog bowl (Photo: Life With Klee Kai)

From my perspective, I liked that I didn’t have to thaw their frozen raw food unlike most fresh pet food.

It would have been nice if Maev offered a customized scooper like UnKibble and that’s one element where I feel their dog food delivery service could improve.

However, Maev were the clear winners for my Klee Kai and I.

Where To Buy UnKibble?

UnKibble (Photo: lifewithkleekai)

UnKibble can only be ordered through Spot & Tango’s official website – so you can’t find their pet food at your local supermarket or pet store.

To get started with your UnKibble journey, you can click this link or the button below.

Do We Have UnKibble Coupon Code Or Discount?

We reached out to Spot & Tango and they provided our Life With Klee Kai community with a unique discount to save 50% on their first order.

All you need to do is click this link or hit the button below to save 50% on your first UnKibble order.

Where To Buy Maev?

Maev Bundle including bone broth and supplement bars (Photo: lifewithkleekai)

Maev offer their frozen raw dog food on their website so you’ll need to click this link or hit the button below to place your order.

You can either use their quiz to find out the best portions and best formulation for your dog or you can head to their “shop” section and make your own decision on the best dog food for your pup.

Do We Have Maev Coupon Code Or Discount?

Maev's raw dog food for weight and digestion (Photo: lifewithkleekai)
Maev’s raw dog food for weight and digestion (Photo: lifewithkleekai)

We reached out to Maev and secured an exclusive discount for readers of our website.

You can save 20% on your first Maev raw dog food order when you click this link or hit the button below and use the discount code “KleeKai20”.

Anything Else To Consider?

Maev's transition guidelines (Photo: lifewithkleekai)
Maev’s transition guidelines (Photo: lifewithkleekai)

If you’re ready to sign up to one of these dog food delivery services, we recommend speaking to your vet to get their input on whether they recommend premium dog food for your pet.

It’s a good idea to speak to your vet or speak to dog food delivery services to find out how you can make a smooth transition to new type of dog food for your canine companion.

If you introduce new pet food too quickly, you might risk upsetting your dog’s tummy.

As with the best dog food delivery companies, UnKibble and Maev have competent customer service teams who can also help with the transition process.

Wrapping Up – Our Final Thoughts

We’ve reached the end of our review of these two dog food companies.

Based upon my experience ordering and testing their dog food, I’d recommend Maev.

Maev Or UnKibble (Photo: Life With Klee Kai)

Maev was a big hit with my Alaskan Klee Kai and even my fussy eater loved their fresh meals more than most dog food delivery companies that we’ve reviewed in the past.

Maev is great for pet parents who want to give raw dog food a try but don’t want the hassle of having to handle their dog’s food if it contains raw meat organs.

Close up of Maev and UnKibble (Photo: Life With Klee Kai)

It’s really easy to store and to feed and Maev is extremely competitively priced when compared to a lot of dog food delivery companies that I’ve used.

While you want go wrong with UnKibble who provide elevated dry food using high quality ingredients, Maev was a bigger hit with my Alaskan Klee Kai.

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