We Feed Raw Pros And Cons

We Feed Raw pros and cons

Last Updated on June 12, 2024 by Kieran Beckles

Are you thinking of switching your dog to a raw diet?

We made the decision to ditch dry dog food such as traditional kibble made under high pressure processing in favor of fresh pet food using human grade meat to provide our Alaskan Klee Kai with pet food of a higher nutritional value.

While Copper and Skye loved eating a fresh dog food brand in the UK, we had to start afresh when we returned to the USA in 2023 because our Alaskan Klee Kai’s favorite dog food delivery company didn’t operate stateside.

We Feed Raw dog food review
We Feed Raw box and meals (Photo: Life With Klee Kai)

We tested a number of fresh dog food companies but we found Copper and Skye didn’t particularly enjoy these options in the USA so we decided to give a raw dog food company a try even though we weren’t overly familiar with the pet food format.

After some trial and error testing a number of raw food companies, we settled on We Feed Raw dog food.

In this article, we’re going to share our thoughts on We Feed Raw, give our pros and cons, explain how their raw food diet works and give our overall verdict on whether they offer the best raw dog food service in the USA.

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Picky Eater Approved

We Feed Raw meal packets
We Feed Raw meal packets (Photo: Life With Klee Kai)

The biggest pro when it came to feeding We Feed Raw dog food to my Alaskan Klee Kai was the incredible transformation when it came to my fussy eater Skye. While she is usually picky with her dog food whether it’s raw dog food, dry dog food, fresh dog food or wet dog food, she loved We Feed Raw.

I’ve never seen Skye show so much mealtime excitement before introducing We Feed Raw meals to her. She would come over whenever I went near the freezer hoping to see We Feed Raw appear from the drawer. At mealtime, she’d run rings around me in excitement for her raw diet.

Copper is food motivated so I wasn’t surprised to see him wolf down his We Feed Raw meals. But Skye’s eating habits transformed after we switched her to We Feed Raw – she finished all her meals, licked her bowl clean and showed genuine mealtime excitement.

Human Grade Ingredients

We Feed Raw meals
We Feed Raw meals frozen inside delivery box (Photo: Life With Klee Kai)

Whenever we consider feeding a new dog food to our Alaskan Klee Kai, we always check to see whether the brand is using human grade raw meat, real ingredients that we’d eat as part of our diet and don’t use any additives, fillers, preservatives, artificial colors or flavors.

We Feed Raw only use real ingredients such as USDA, human grade meats – grass fed lamb, organ meat, muscle meat, beef liver, beef necks, chicken leg quarters, beef kidney, turkey tails and more. We Feed Raw dog food use transparent labels so you can see the ingredients in We Feed Raw’s recipes.

As dog owners, we felt good knowing that Copper and Skye were eating a raw diet comprised of human grade meat with all the essential vitamins required for a balanced and complete diet , which I’m sure played a big part in Skye’s excitement at eating We Feed Raw dog food on a daily basis.

Customized Meal Plan

If you’re signing up to We Feed Raw or any dog food delivery company, you want to receive customized meal plans to ensure your dog is eating a diet tailored to meet their specific requirements, whether you’re concerned about your dog’s health or your dog’s weight.

We Feed Raw offer tailored meal plans and require pet parents to complete their sign-up questionnaire where you’ll be required to fill out details about your dog’s age, dog’s breed, dog’s weight, dog’s food at the current time, and disclose any allergies or health issues they should know about.

Once you’ve provided We Feed Raw with key details about your pet, We Feed Raw will create a custom raw subscription plan. We Feed Raw will provide feeding instructions to help pet owners make the transition smoothly and ensure your dog is eating the right amount on a daily basis.

Formulated by PhD Animal Nutritionist

We Feed Raw meals (Photo: We Feed Raw)

Most dog owners will want to see that their dog is eating raw food formulated by experts. We Feed Raw use a top animal nutritionist to ensure your furry friend is eating balanced and complete diet.

We Feed Raw explained on their website that We Feed Raw meet or exceed the AAFCO nutrition standards, which made us feel confident that Copper and Skye were the healthiest diet.

We Feed Raw food is created at their USDA certified facility before we received free cold shipping to ensure Copper and Skye’s raw diets arrived frozen, ready to be stored in the freezer.

Recipe Range

As someone with a picky eater, I love to see a wide range of meals to cater to fussy dogs like Skye. However, I’ve noticed that US brands tend to have smaller recipe variety than their UK counterparts.

This wasn’t the case with We Feed Raw who offer one of the broadest ranges of all the dog foods we’ve reviewed for our Life With Klee Kai community. We Feed Raw’s recipes include beef recipe, chicken recipe, duck recipe, lamb recipe, turkey recipe and venison recipes.

With six different proteins on offer, I was able to vary Skye’s recipes to make feeding raw exciting. While she loved We Feed Raw, I believe their impressive menu helped to keep my Klee Kai happy, while also yielding over benefits such as healthier skin alongside other health benefits.

Perfect For Slow Feeders

We Feed Raw beef patty recipe
We Feed Raw beef patty recipe (Photo: Life With Klee Kai)

Copper is a fast eater and we try to slow our food motivated Alaskan Klee Kai down by using slow feeders. This can be difficult with fresh dog food or dry food. It was easy with We Feed Raw food.

Raw feeding allowed us to spread We Feed Raw’s recipes across the slow feeder which meant Copper and Skye spent a lot longer eating their daily meals unlike some other dog food we tried.

Competitively Priced

Having reviewed a lot of dog food companies over the past seven years, We Feed Raw is competitively priced when compared to some of the leading fresh dog food brands. Raw feeding has a reputation for being expensive, but I didn’t find this to be the case with We Feed Raw.

Once I signed up Copper and Skye to We Feed Raw, I had to pay $171.72 a month for their We Feed Raw diets. To break it down, that’s $6.13 a day or $42.93 a week. Compared to most fresh or raw dog food brands, this is good value.

I found Sundays For Dogs and The Farmer’s Dog to be the only brands less expensive than We Feed Raw.


We Feed Raw price
We Feed Raw box and meals (Photo: Life With Klee Kai)

My wife and I discovered that Copper and Skye enjoy different textures in their dog food so we decided to feed We Feed Raw in combination with an air-dried dog food Sunday For Dogs.

We fed 75% We Feed Raw and 25% Sundays, which works well with our Alaskan Klee Kai. Having tried and test the leading dog food brands in the USA, we found this combination is best for Skye and Copper.

We continued to pay for We Feed Raw food to allow Copper and Skye to enjoy organ meat such as beef necks, beef liver, beef kidney and much more.


Premium Price

We Feed Raw meals close-up (Photo: Life With Klee Kai)

If you’re accustomed to feeding regular dog food that’s bought at the local pet store or supermarket, you may get a shock when you see your We Feed Raw price.

While I consider We Feed Raw to be excellent value, there’s no doubt it’ll cost more than your regular dog foods. The regular pet food norm can lack some of proper nutrients due to high pressure processing.

You’re paying more for custom recipes for your own pets in spite of the different life stages they may be at, balanced and complete to promote your pet’s health and meeting food safety standards.

Freezer Space

We Feed Raw’s customers gets free cold shipping but you’ll need ample freezer space to store your frozen raw food once it arrives at your home. We Feed Raw use meal packets are a square shape, which make them stackable in your freezer.

However, if you’re not used to feeding raw, it can take some time to adjust to storing We Feed Raw’s meals in your freezer, or it could be a problem if you’ve got a small freezer or don’t have a spare freezer in the garage.

No Custom Scooper

We Feed Raw beef recipe
We Feed Raw beef recipe (Photo: Life With Klee Kai)

If you’re still reading my We Feed Raw dog food review, you can probably tell I really rate their service.

However, I’d love to see We Feed Raw add a pre-portioned element to their service, whether it’s a custom scooper or display pre-portion guidelines on We Feed Raw’s meal pouches.

While We Feed Raw do provide feeding guidelines, it would make life even easier for dog owners.

We Feed Raw: Our Verdict

Skye We Feed Raw
Skye sits in front of We Feed Raw meal (Photo: Life With Klee Kai)

Now we’ve gone through my pros and cons, it’s time to conclude my We Feed Raw dog food review by providing our verdict on their raw dog food service.

Of all the dog food brands that we’ve tested on Copper and Skye since we’ve returned to California, we’ve had the best success with We Feed Raw.

While we were unfamiliar with raw feeding until the past six months, We Feed Raw makes it easy to introduce a raw diet to your dog.

We Feed Raw meals
We Feed Raw meals frozen inside delivery box (Photo: Life With Klee Kai)

If you’re a dog owner whose been hesitant to feed raw, I believe We Feed Raw could be a convenient and hassle-free way to try a diet nature intended for dogs.

We Feed Raw offer a great range of recipes made from USDA-standard ingredients such as organ meats with a high nutritional value and tailor their raw food for all life stages.

Skye and Copper loved We Feed Raw recipes, especially beef, chicken, lamb and venison. I found they enjoyed but weren’t as excited about the duck recipe and the turkey recipe.

We continue to pay for We Feed Raw meals, which is the best review we can give of We Feed Raw!

Where To Buy We Feed Raw

If you’re ready to give We Feed Raw a try, you can start by signing up to their raw subscription plan here or via the button below.

Do We Have A Discount For We Feed Raw?

We Feed Raw meals stacked (Photo: Life With Klee Kai)

We reached out to We Feed Raw and managed to secure a 40% discount to use on your first order of We Feed Raw dog food. To avail of this discount, you can visit their website here or use the button below. Be sure to use code “LIFEWITHKLEEKAI40” at the checkout.

Wrapping Up

We’ve reached the end of our article on We Feed Raw and the pros and cons to their raw dog food.

We Feed Raw makes great raw recipes to cater to dogs of all life stages, as well as picky eaters like my female Alaskan Klee Kai.

Having paid for We Feed Raw since 2023, we’ve had a great experience and see a transformation with Skye who is obsessed with her raw food.

If you’ve got a fussy eater, I recommend giving We Feed Raw a try based upon our success with their raw food.

We Feed Raw Pros & Cons

We Feed Raw


  • Picky Eater Approved
  • Human Grade Ingredients
  • Customized Meal Plan
  • Formulated by PhD Animal Nutritionist
  • Recipe Range
  • Perfect For Slow Feeders
  • Competitively Priced
  • Mixable


  • Premium Price
  • Freezer Space
  • No Custom Scooper
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