Maev Vs We Feed Raw: What’s The Difference? Best Raw Dog Food?

Maev Vs We Feed Raw: What's The Difference?

Last Updated on May 3, 2024 by Kieran Beckles

Are you ready to embrace a raw food diet for your dog but you’re unsure whether to start your raw dog food journey with Maev or We Feed Raw?

I’ve been on a quest to find the best dog food for my Alaskan Klee Kai Copper and Skye since moving back to California from London in 2023.

Unfortunately our preferred fresh dog food brand in the UK doesn’t operate in the US, so we had to start a fresh search for the best human grade dog food for our Klee Kai.

We took this opportunity to venture in the world of raw food diets for dogs to see whether Copper and Skye would enjoy eating raw dog foods and whether it fit our needs and budget.

Maev Or We Feed Raw
Maev Or We Feed Raw (Photo: Life With Klee Kai)

In starting our mission to find the best raw dog foods in the USA, we came across Maev and We Feed Raw.

Our research uncovered that these two brands are often considered two of the best raw dog foods.

In this comparison dog food review, we’ll take a look at Maev and We Feed Raw, examine the human grade ingredients in their recipes, how their subscription plan works, the monthly price and give our verdict.

Cut To The Chase: We recommend We Feed Raw and you can save 40% on your first order when you click here and use code “LIFEWITHKLEEKAI40” at checkout.

Who Is We Feed Raw?

We Feed Raw
We Feed Raw (Photo: Life With Klee Kai)

We Feed Raw is another raw dog food company based in the USA who’ve created a range of raw foods.

They believe in creating raw meals to find the healthiest and easiest way to start raw feeding for pet parents ready to ditch traditional kibble or canned food in favour of balanced and complete raw food.

We Feed Raw explain on their website that they only use USDA, human-grade meats in their recipes, which are balanced, complete and formulated by PhD nutritionist before shipping their meals cold.

We Feed Raw meal packets
We Feed Raw meal packets (Photo: Life With Klee Kai)

We Feed Raw state online that raw food diets can promote better weight management, reduction In allergies, healthier skin, improved digestion, increased energy and mealtime excitement.

To get started with We Feed Raw, you can complete your meal plan by answering their questions about your dogs to allow the raw dog food company to help your decide what’s best for your dog’s diet.

We Feed Raw will tailor your dog’s raw food to meet their dietary needs, including considerations such as age and weight.

We Feed Raw beef recipe
We Feed Raw beef recipe (Photo: Life With Klee Kai)

It’s important to note We Feed Raw’s human-grade meats don’t contain any fillers, preservatives, artificial colors nor colors.

At the time of writing, We Feed Raw offer chicken, beef, duck, lamb, turkey or venison recipes.

We Feed Raw raw dog food
We Feed Raw raw dog food (Photo: Life With Klee Kai)

We Feed Raw explain their lamb and venison is sourced from New Zealand but everything else is sourced within the USA from local farms.

Once you’ve signed up, We Feed Raw will ship your food within a week, When you open the box, you’ll notice your dog’s raw food in individual meal pouches.

Our Verdict On We Feed Raw

We Feed Raw delivery
We Feed Raw delivery (Photo: Life With Klee Kai)

When researching the best raw dog foods in the USA, I came across We Feed Raw. I decided to give their raw dog food delivery service a try.

They offer a custom meal plan that requires dog owners to answer questions about their dogs. It might not be quite as thorough as some questionnaires by other dog food brands, We Feed Raw cover all the key topics.

When I received my raw dog foods, I noticed Copper and Skye’s meals came in meal pouches which I found quite helpful because I could split a meal pouch between my Klee Kai every mealtime.

We Feed Raw meals
We Feed Raw meals frozen inside delivery box (Photo: Life With Klee Kai)

Looking in the Help Section of their website, We Feed Raw recommend using scales or just eyeballing it when it comes to portioning your pet’s raw food. So it’s worth noting that the meal pouches aren’t pre portioned like some other dog foods.

We Feed Raw’s meal pouches are compact and small so they can be stacked in the freezer without too much hassle, just be careful because they can easily topple over!

I had to slightly thaw We Feed Raw before it could be placed in Copper and Skye’s bowls. This did require slightly more preparation and forward thinking on the part of the dog owner.

We Feed Raw chicken patty recipe
We Feed Raw chicken patty recipe (Photo: Life With Klee Kai)

However, I must say I was stunned by Copper and Skye’s reaction to We Feed Raw, especially my female Alaskan Klee Kai and her sheer excitement for their raw meals.

In my six years reviewing dog food as my job, I’ve never seen Skye vacuum up her food so quickly and with such excitement. She would finish We Feed Raw so quickly that I had to double check Copper was eating her food as he’s prone to do sometimes.

We Feed Raw meals (Photo: We Feed Raw)

Skye is a fussy eater so I was really impressed and Copper loved his We Feed Raw meals, too. But he’s a food motivated dog that doesn’t mess about at mealtime.

With regards to price, I paid $23.26 per week, or $93.04 per month or $186.08 every two months. We paid for a two-month supply to bring down the cost. We Feed Raw represent great value when you consider I’m paying less than $100 a month for their raw meals.

Who Is Maev?

Raw food for dogs by Maev (Photo: lifewithkleekai)

Maev have created a range of human-grade raw dog food to cater to dog parents who want to introduce raw food diets to their pet.

Maev is different to other raw dog food brands because their raw dog food is ready to serve. Effectively, Maev have created frozen raw meals for adult dogs, senior dogs and even puppies.

Maev’s raw food contains unprocessed ingredients high in protein and low in carbohydrates in recipes formulated by a team of veterinary nutritionists.

You won’t find any additives, nasties or preservatives in their raw dog food.

When you take a look at the human grade ingredients in Maev’s recipes, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that they only use USDA-certified lean meat alongside fresh vegetables and fruits such as green beans, blueberries and zucchini.

Maev do offer a questionnaire service to allow the raw dog food brand to get to grips with your dog and their specific needs. However, you can also make selections based upon your judgement.

Maev's raw dog food for weight and digestion (Photo: lifewithkleekai)
Maev’s raw dog food for weight and digestion (Photo: lifewithkleekai)

Maev have two recipes on offer – a chicken recipe and a beef recipe.

Maev have a big health and wellness element to their dog food service. They’ve offer recipes to target different ailments with Weight & Digestion, Anxiety & Calming, Skin & Coat and Hip & Joint formulations.

Maev also offer a bone broth topper and supplement bars to bolster your dog’s overall health. You can buy the bone broth topper and supplement bars separately or part of a bundle with your raw food.

You can make a one-time purchase or subscribe to save 10% on your order before your raw dog food is shipped direct to your doorstep.

It’s easy to feed because Maev is ready to serve. They recommend feeding frozen to slow down fast eaters and promote cleaner teeth.

Our Verdict On Maev

Maev raw dog food ready to servce (Photo: lifewithkleekai)

While we haven’t fed raw food to Copper and Skye in the past, I was intrigued to give Maev a try seeing as they offer the chance to adopt a raw feeding in a convenient and hassle-free way.

I was surprised by the sheer excitement of my Alaskan Klee Kai after a couple days of feeding Maev.

Like I’ve written many times on our website, Skye is a picky eater with a sensitive stomach but my female Klee Kai showed a lot of mealtime excitement while we were feeding Maev.

Copper is a food motivated Alaskan Klee Kai who needs better weight control and I was able to follow Maev’s feeding guidelines to ensure his raw diet met his needs.

I could easily spot the human food in Maev’s meals with chunks of raw meat and fresh produce visible. It’s little wonder Copper and Skye enjoyed their raw diet so much.

Maev (Photo: lifewithkleekai)

From a dog owner’s perspective, I liked how Maev’s raw dog food could fed directly to my dogs straight from the freezer to cut out the mess, the prep and the need to thaw raw food.

If you’re familiar with my Klee Kai, you’ll know that they’re prone to anxious behavior so I decided to give their Anxiety & Calming formulation a try. I did notice less hyperactivity.

Maev can help with healthier skin, healthy joints, weight management or anxiety thanks to their range of formulations that truly caters to different dogs and their life stages.

My Maev subscription cost $152 every month which I consider to be very competitive price for raw food diet.

Maev Or We Feed Raw: Best Raw Dog Foods?

Maev Vs We Feed Raw dog food
Maev Vs We Feed Raw dog food (Photo: Life With Klee Kai)

We’ve reached the key part of our comparison raw dog food review – who do we recommend?

Well, I’d go for We Feed Raw over Maev based upon my Alaskan Klee Kai’s reaction to these two dog food brands and my experience as a dog owner adopting a raw food diet.

I have to recommend We Feed Raw because I’ve never seen my Alaskan Klee Kai take to a dog food so quickly, especially raw dog food which they don’t usually lie.

Skye’s reaction blew me away because she’s usually a fussy eater who likes to have a nibble or two before leaving her bowl and allowing Copper to finish it off.

Even with dog food that she does like such as this air dried brand, Skye still takes her time but finishes the bowl. Her reaction to We Feed Raw was unprecedented.

We Feed Raw box and meals
We Feed Raw box and meals (Photo: Life With Klee Kai)

I liked the convenience of the meal pouches and splitting a pack between Copper and Skye every mealtime, taking the guesswork out of their portions.

There’s no denying We Feed Raw requires a little more effort on the part of the dog owner. You have to remember to keep a couple of thawed meals in your fridge.

But I just pop a frozen meal into the fridge to thaw every mealtime when I take a thawed meal packet out of the fridge. I’ve got a good routine.

We Feed Raw represent exceptional value based upon the dog food brands that I’ve reviewed, which represents a big plus in my book.

We Feed Raw meal variety
We Feed Raw meal variety (Photo: Life With Klee Kai)

I really liked that Maev contains organ meat, raw meat, fresh fruit and vegetables and superfoods in a whole food format so you can tell your feeding human grade food.

You don’t have to worry about how to preserve freshness because Maev can be fed direct from the freezer. There’s no need to thaw their food so it’s less mess at mealtime.

While I believe Maev could make their meal plan easier to find on their website, once you’ve located it, it’s simple to use.

While Copper and Skye did enjoy their meals, I found that they started to eat only the meat and pick out the fruit and vegetables. The result was defrosted green beans and potatoes on the floor next to their bowls.

It quickly became tiresome to end up picking up fruit and vegetables off the floor after every meal (and sometimes they’d even take the food to the rug and leave a mess).

Maev only offer two recipes – beef and chicken, while We Feed Raw have six recipes on offer. This is one area where I’d like to see Maev improve.

But overall, my recommendation would be We Feed Raw based upon Copper and Skye’s enthusiasm to eat their meals and the great value of their raw dog food.

Where To Buy We Feed Raw?

We Feed Raw box (Photo: Life With Klee Kai)

If you’ve decided that you like the sound of We Feed Raw, you can only purchase their raw dog food from their website. You can start crafting your meal plan by hitting this link or the button below.

Do We Have We Feed Raw Coupon Code Or Discount?

We Feed Raw beef patty recipe
We Feed Raw beef patty recipe (Photo: Life With Klee Kai)

We reached out to We Feed Raw to see if we could secure a discount for our readers and we’re pleased to say you can save 40% on your We Feed Raw order when you click this link or the button below and use the code “LIFEWITHKLEEKAI40”.

Where To Buy Maev?

How Much Does Maev Dog Food Cost Per Month?
Maev raw dog food (Photo:

You can only buy Maev direct from their website. To get started with a Maev subscription or a one-time purchase, click this link or the button below.

Do We Have Maev Coupon Code Or Discount?

A bag of Maev raw dog food (Photo: lifewithkleekai)

We contacted Maev and managed to secure an exclusive discount code for our Life With Klee Kai community.

If you’d like to give Maev a try, you can save 20% on your first Maev order with the discount code “KleeKai20” when you click this link or the button below.

Anything Else To Consider?

Maev's transition guidelines (Photo: lifewithkleekai)
Maev’s transition guidelines (Photo: lifewithkleekai)

If you’re thinking about making a change to your pet’s dog food, it’s a good idea to speak to your vet before you start to make the transition to a new dog food brand.

Alternatively, you can speak to the dog food company about how to successful transition your dog onto their pet food.

In my experience, Maev and We Feed Raw provide materials in your first dog food delivery on how to introduce their raw food to your pets.

Wrapping Up

We Feed Raw chicken and patty recipes
We Feed Raw chicken and patty recipes (Photo: Life With Klee Kai)

We’ve reached the end of our raw dog food comparison article.

Having tried both of these pet food brands, we’d recommend We Feed Raw based upon Copper and Skye’s positive experience eating their beef and chicken recipes.

While I liked that Maev offer different formulations using human grade food to cater to my Alaskan Klee Kai’s unique needs as well as additional products such as bone broth and supplement bars, Copper and Skye showed more mealtime excitement for We Feed Raw.

It was really easy to feed Maev seeing as their high protein dog food is ready to serve when you take it out of the freezer and I didn’t have to faff around with thawed raw meat.

We Feed Raw dog food
We Feed Raw dog food (Photo: Life With Klee Kai)

However, I found that my Klee Kai started to pick out the fruit and vegetables and just eat the meat, leaving a mess on the floor by their dog bowls.

When it came to eating We Feed Raw, I found empty bowls after every meal much to my delight, which surprised me considering Skye can be such a fussy eater.

We Feed Raw worked out slightly cheaper when I ordered a two-month supply rather than a couple of bags of Maev that lasted me just a month.

So I’d urge dog owners to give We Feed Raw a try if you’re ready to start your raw food diet journey.

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