Maev Vs Ollie: What’s The Best Dog Food? Who Do We Recommend?

Maev raw dog food vs Ollie dog food

Last Updated on March 2, 2024 by Kieran Beckles

Are you preparing to make a change to your dog’s diet but you can’t decide between Maev and Ollie?

If you’re looking at ditching traditional kibble, canned dog food, gravy or smelly wet food in favour of Maev or Ollie, you’re already on the right track.

Both of these fresh dog food delivery services offer pet owners with the opportunity to adopt a fresher approach to your pet’s nutrition.

Maev provide a range of raw dog food to cater to dog parents who want to switch their pup onto a raw food diet.

Maev’s raw recipes (Photo: Life With Klee Kai)

Ollie have created fresh food meals for dogs using human grade ingredients to offer a more balanced, complete and healthier approach to pet food.

In this comparison article, I’m going to compare Maev and Ollie, how they make their dog food, what recipes they’ve got on offer, their sign-up process, delivery and give our verdict based upon our experience feeding their pet food to our Alaskan Klee Kai.

I’ve invested in Maev and Ollie to see which of these two dog food brands provide the best dog food service having tried and tested their dog food on Copper and Skye.

CUT TO THE CHASE: We recommend Maev dog food and you can save 20% on your first order via this link when you use code “KLEEKAI20”.

Who Are Maev Dog Food?

A bag of Maev raw dog food (Photo: lifewithkleekai)

Maev offer a range of raw dog food to offer pet owners the chance to see the benefits of feeding raw without some of the hassle often associated with raw food.

It’s important to start by stating that Maev only use USDA-approved lean meat and human grade ingredient in recipes formulated by veterinary nutritionists.

Maev dog food is 100% USDA-certified, vet-formulated, AAFCO-compliant, contains high quality ingredients, made in the USA and adheres to world-class food safety standards.

They only use human grade ingredients that dog owners will recognise because they’ll likely eat the same food in their diet (you can learn more about the human grade ingredients on their website).

Maev offer pet owners the chance to use the sign-up questionnaire to get a customized meal plan – or you can head to the shop section of their website and place an order.

Raw food for dogs by Maev (Photo: lifewithkleekai)

They offer a beef recipe and a chicken recipe but you can opt for the variety pack if you’d like to try both. Maev have recipe formulations that target specific health conditions which sets them apart from a lot of dog food brands.

Maev offer formulations for Weight & Digestion, Anxiety & Calming, Skin & Coat and Hip & Joint.

If you’re accustomed to feeding dry dog food or wet dog food, you may be worried raw feeding could be more hassle. But unlike a lot of raw dog food, Maev is really convenient to feed.

You don’t need to worry about defrosting or thawing your dog’s pet food – Maev recommend serving their raw food frozen to help slow down rapid eaters and provide additional dental health benefits.

Our Verdict On Maev

Maev raw dog food ready to servce (Photo: lifewithkleekai)

In my search for the best dog food for Copper and Skye, I’ve typically stuck with fresh food diets.

My Alaskan Klee Kai haven’t really liked raw food diets in the past so I’ve stuck to fresh dog food – but I decided to give Maev a try following some stellar reviews of their healthy dog food.

Sky is a fussy eater with a sensitive stomach and she usually prefers to eat fresh dog food meals but to my surprise, she absolutely adored her Maev meals.

For the first time in years, Skye showed genuine mealtime excitement – she jumped up begging for Maev as well as doing pirouettes in the kitchen.

Copper is always food motivated but he loved his Maev meals and I noticed that the frozen dog food slowed my male Alaskan Klee Kai down.

Maev do offer a sign-up questionnaire that could be more prominently placed but I entered key details about Copper and Skye, I received my dedicated meal plan.

Maev’s frozen raw dog food cubes (Photo: lifewithkleekai)

When I got my hands on Maev raw dog food, I could easily spot the human grade ingredients unlike a lot of dry dog food and wet food that just looks brown.

So I felt good knowing Copper and Skye were eating natural ingredients in recipes free from additives, nasties and preservatives.

From a dog owner’s perspective, I liked that Maev could be stored in the freezer, didn’t need to be thawed at mealtime and I could just serve my Klee Kai’s food directly into their bowl.

I went for the Anxiety & Calming formulation and I noticed my Alaskan Klee Kai did seem slightly calmer when we had to leave them at home alone.

When discussing the best dog food delivery services, dog owners will be aware that it can be quite expensive to feed fresh dog food to their canine companions.

However, I felt Maev were competively priced when compared to other dog food brands. For instance, I pay $152 every month for Copper and Skye’s meals which I consider to be very competitive.

Who Are Ollie Dog Food?

Copper and Skye's Ollie meals (Photo: lifewithkleekai)
Copper and Skye’s Ollie meals (Photo: lifewithkleekai)

Ollie are considered one of the best dog food delivery companies alongside the likes of Nom Nom, The Farmer’s Dog and Spot & Tango.

They provide a range of fresh dog food meals to cater to pet owners who want to feed frozen meals to their four-legged friend.

Ollie have created a range of fresh dog food to allow pet parents to adopt a fresh approach when compared to unhealthy dry dog food and wet dog food.

They only use natural ingredients such as USDA-approved meat and fresh produce in their meals that have been created and formulated by veterinary nutritionists.

Copper and Skye's Ollie meals (Photo: lifewithkleekai)
Copper and Skye’s Ollie meals (Photo: lifewithkleekai)

Ollie will require dog owners to fill out a questionnaire so they can tailor their fresh dog food accordingly. They offer four meals – a beef recipe, a chicken recipe, a pork recipe and a turkey recipe.

Once you receive your first Ollie order, you’ll be sent a handy meal container and scooper to make feeding your dog relatively easy and less messy when compared to some fresh dog food delivery brands.

You’ll need to thaw a meal pouch a few hours before mealtime to ensure it’s ready to give to your dog. You can keep defrosted meals in the fridge and the rest will need to remain in your freezer.

Our Verdict On Ollie

Copper and Skye's Ollie meals (Photo: lifewithkleekai)
Copper and Skye’s Ollie meals (Photo: lifewithkleekai)

If you’re familiar with our dog food journey on Life With Klee Kai, you’ll know that we’ve tested out a lot of dog food delivery services since arriving back in California from the UK.

When I started to research the best dog food in the USA, particularly the best dog food delivery services, Ollie’s name regularly appeared in search results. So I placed an order.

Once my Ollie order arrived at my home, I opened up the box and I really appreciated the free scooper and meal container to try and take some of the mess out of feeding fresh dog food.

The Ollie meals contain fresh ingredients such as sweet potato, carrots, apples and brown rice but I felt Copper and Skye’s food pouches lacked vibrant color.

Copper and Skye's Ollie meals (Photo: lifewithkleekai)
Copper and Skye’s Ollie meals (Photo: lifewithkleekai)

Ollie meals were pretty dense and felt like a brick of food rather than fresh meals so I was a little disappointed considering their reputation as one of the best dog food brands.

Copper and Skye weren’t particularly enthused by their new Ollie meals.

Skye is a fussy eater with a sensitive tummy – and my female Klee Kai refused to eat her Ollie meals. She had a few bites before walking away from the bowl.

Copper usually has a big appetite and will eat anything, even if it’s dry dog food or wet dog food. However, he didn’t enjoy Ollie.

Ollie provide a premium dog food delivery service and their food cost me $7.32 a day (or $219.60 a month based on 30-day month).

Maev Or Ollie: Who Do We Recommend?

Maev's raw dog food for weight and digestion (Photo: lifewithkleekai)
Maev’s raw dog food for weight and digestion (Photo: lifewithkleekai)

We’ve reached the key part of the comparison article – do we recommend Maev or Ollie?

Well, you won’t be surprised to learn that my recommendation would be Maev based upon my experience feeding their raw food to Copper and Skye.

I consider Maev to be one of the best dog food delivery options for pet parents in the USA, especially if you’d like to give a raw food diet a try.

I was really impressed by Copper and Skye’s love for Maev dog food – there was plenty of mealtime excitement, clean bowls and happy tummies.

In fact, my wife and I noticed eating a complete and balanced diet helped Copper and Skye’s digestive system. They had firm, small stools when eating Maev.

Even though my Klee Kai can be picky eaters, they loved eating the frozen meat chunks, fruit and vegetables.

Maev (Photo: lifewithkleekai)

I found it really handy to feed to my Klee Kai because there was minimal work involved on the part of the dog owner.

I just had to fetch the Maev bag from the freezer, pour their ready to serve meals into my Klee Kai’s bowls and watch my Klee Kai munch down.

It’s worth noting that Maev offer bone broth and supplement bars in addition to their fresh pet food. You can either buy the bone broth and supplement bars separately or as part of a bundle alongside your dog’s food.

So my recommendation would be Maev over Ollie if you’re looking for the best dog food delivery service to provide balanced and complete meals, fresh ingredients good for your dog’s diet and hassle free for the pet owner.

Where To Buy Maev?

Maev Bundle including bone brother and supplement bars (Photo: lifewithkleekai)

Maev Bundle including bone brother and supplement bars (Photo: lifewithkleekai)

You can only buy Maev’s raw food, supplement bars and bone broth direct from their website. To get started, click this link or the button below.

Is There A Maev Coupon Code Or Discount?

We reached out to Maev and managed to secure an exclusive discount for our Life With Klee Kai community.

You can get 20% off your first Maev order when you click this link or the button below and use the coupon code KleeKai20.

Where To Buy Ollie?

Copper and Skye's Ollie meals (Photo: lifewithkleekai)
Copper and Skye’s Ollie meals (Photo: lifewithkleekai)

Ollie requires dog parents to sign up to their subscription service through their website to get their meals.

Is There An Ollie Coupon Code Or Discount?

We don’t have a coupon code or discount for dog owners wanting to sign up to Ollie. However, you can check back to see if this changes.

Anything Else To Consider?

Maev's transition guidelines (Photo: lifewithkleekai)
Maev’s transition guidelines (Photo: lifewithkleekai)

If you’ve been searching for the best dog food that’s balanced and complete, made from healthy, human grade ingredients, delivered to your door and easy to feed, Maev and Ollie are good options.

These two dog food delivery services will allow pet owners to ditch canned dog food, dry dog food and other kibble filled with additives and preservatives in favour of something fresher and healthier.

Having said that, we recommend speaking to your vet before you decide to make a change to your dog’s diet. Vets can help a pet owner understand how to make a successful transition.

Wrapping Up

How Much Does Maev Dog Food Cost Per Month?
Maev raw dog food (Photo:

We’ve reached the end of our comparison article on Maev and Ollie.

If you’re trying to decide between these two dog food delivery services, my pick would be Maev.

I was really impressed with their pet food – the quality of the ingredients, the recipes and formulations on offer, the ease of use and how prompt their delivery was.

Copper and Skye continue to devour their Maev dog food since I first introduced my Klee Kai to a raw diet.

Not only that, but I believe Maev represents great value for dog owners.

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